Real Men of St. Tammany

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John is the owner of Lowry, Dunham, Vivian and Case Insurance Agency. He is married and has two grown sons. John is a writer and photographer. He enjoys dining out particularly at Christoper’s on Carey where his son is the chef. He has been a president of the East Chamber of Commerce and extremely involved in Rotary. John is a graduate of Leadership Northshore and a member of the Independent Insurance Association. He has served on the Slidell Planning Commission and the St. Tammany Parish Flood Elevation Variance Board.

John states that he has not been raised in an abusive situation and is passionate about helping stem the tide of domestic violence. As a Real Man Candidate, he speaks frequently to groups about the necessity to support Safe Harbor. He is keenly aware that abusers are always going to be around and that the community needs to support those who wish to break away from abuse.




Bill Davis is the Chief Executive Officer of Slidell Memorial Hospital. He is married and has four beautiful children. A self-avowed family man, Biill enjoys spending time with his family and nature. Bill serves on several medical boards, but manages to contribute back to his community through serving on the boards of the St. Tammany Economic Development District, The East St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce and STARC, a non-profit organization serving developmentally disabled citizens.

“When I hear about domestic violence, specifically in St. Tammany, I am shocked. I am aware of domestic violence as an issue, but to know that it affects that many people in our very own community is a wake-up call. It is a nearly silent epidemic and that is unacceptable. Not only do we need to bring this issue to the forefront of discussions but we also need to take action to eradicate it. We need to make it into something other than just another problem to solve; we need to think about the individuals as our own mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers and children. When we feel anger that this exists in our community, we need to ask ourselves, ‘ If  I don’t do something about it, then  who will?’ No individual can do everything to stop domestic violence but each of us can do something.”




Charles Klepfer is the owner/operator of CiCi’s Pizza and has served the Slidell Community for 18 years. He is a 2013 graduate of Leadership Northshore and currently serves on the board of directors. He has served as a vice president for the Slidell Youth Basketball Association and is a 2014 Director on the National Biddy Basketball. He and his wife are the parents of four beautiful daughters. Charles gives generously to this community through funding, coaching, donations of his time and talents.

Charles has no qualms about his passion for Safe Harbor. As a father of four girls, he is keenly aware of the statistics that one in four women will be abused over the course of a life time.  His fears are grounded in fact and he is dedicated to turning back the tide of domestic abuse. He feels the silence on domestic abuse is deafening.




Brad is a resident of Slidell since age 4. He has spent a life time serving the community in law enforcement and security serving as an officer with St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s  Department . He is currently a Lt. of the Reserve Division and is employed by Fed. Ex. as an Internal Security Specialist. He and his wife Rebecca are the proud parents of children they fostered. He is involved with the Chamber, the St. Tammany Republican Committee and currently in the class of Leadership Northshore.

Brad believes that it is horrible to have someone live in fear of another person and believes that domestic violence impacts  not only the victim, but the family, friends and children. He states,” Our obligation is to create a solution and help victims find the comfort and confidence to move past the pain and into a new way of life.”




Jay is an oncologist who is raising three college aged daughters to become successful and independent. He hopes they will grow up knowing their worth because he believes that learning the skills to be successful and independent will be essential in finding a partner who will treat them successfully. He remarks that among his many interests, being a Dad is his favorite thing.

Jay thinks that domestic violence is in many families and comes in many forms. He believes that it is all too frequently swept under the rug in our society. “The only way to make things better is to recognize that there is a problem, get it out in the open and deal with it!




John is a native of Slidell where he lives with his wife Angel and his three children. He has also raised his niece who recently graduated from cosmotology school.  He works as an insurance consultant for Eustis Benefits. He referees Little League, jr. high, high school college and semi-pro. He is a graduate of Leadership Northshore and mentor to project groups.

John believes that domestic violence can have serious and lasting effects on women and children. “Just as hopeless as the women feel, I feel the same way knowing that it goes on every day and I am just not able to stop it. Let’s ban together and raise awareness. My heart goes out to the children and women who go through these events.”




Mike has been a resident of Slidell for 40 years where he is Director of Public Operations for the City of Slidell.  He is very active in civic affairs, donating time and effort as well as fundraising for Boy Scouts of America and Keep Slidell Beautiful. He is the co-chair of Christmas Under that Stars forSlidell and donates time as a volunteer for Ashley’s Angels. He is married to his beautiful school sweetheart, Lisa, and is a proud father of a beautiful daughter who will graduate from LSU in May.

Mike is emphatic in his belief that domestic violence is a disgrace to our society. “No human being should ever have to be the victim of physical or verbal abuse. Friends and family should be vigilant regarding the signs of domestic abuse and address the issue.”




Dan is a free lance photographer. He retured after 32 years of weather reporting at WDSU TV where he now holds the title of Chief Meteorologist Emeritus. Dan is active in many civic causes through his membership in the Rotary Club of Metarie and as Public Relations for the New Orleans Medical Mission Services.

Dan commented, “ I hope my participation in the Real Man Program will bring attention to the problem of domestic violence. Women under the stress of domestic violence need to know that they have options. They need to know that they can have a better life. Publicizing Safe Harbor is one good way to let more people know what can be done. “