Safety Plan

Print this plan. It could save a life.

Getting out of an abusive home situation requires a firm commitment to break the cycle of domestic violence. And a plan. Abuse often escalates when a victim decides to leave. Planning ahead can save your life.

Some things you can do:

- Remove all weapons from the home, if you can do so safely.
- Train children to call 911 and give your home location.
- Notify neighbors to be alert to strange noises or a pre-arranged distress signal.
- Decide in advance where you will go for safety.
- Have or hide extra money for transportation, lodging and food.
- Get an extra set of house and car keys.
- Keep medication and extra clothing ready for an emergency departure.
- When you leave, take your medical records, birth certificates, social security cards, school records, legal documents, insurance cards, bankcards.